Why you need to be social

2 Sep

Most of the time, when you need something you simply go and get it. The US is a country of convenience. But what if you need some advice? Or if you need someone to support your cause? You can’t really go to the store and pick these things up.

That’s when you need to reach a wider, global network. Thanks to the amazing powers of the internets, you can reach a large network.

Being social means more than just going out and doing things. It means engaging with people; a give and take relationship. No one likes to sit through a one-way conversation, and this translates to social platforms as well. People love when they get comments, likes, shares, digs, retweets, etc. By supporting their statement, it shows that you are interested, watching them (this is a good thing, not a creepy stalker thing), and that you care about what they have to say.

Sure, sometimes your network will seem very small, maybe only a few hundred people are following you on Twitter or you only have 400 Facebook friends, (300 of which you don’t talk to anymore), but even then, you reach more people than you think. According to my Klout score, I influence about 69 people, I have 177 followers and am friends with about 300 people on Facebook (50 that I actually care to keep in contact with). Thinking about this, I’m not even sure if I have 69 acquaintances!

To be influential on social media, you have to be active. If you only tweet once a month, people forget about you and chances are they will often miss you tweets. Try tweeting at peak times as well, between 10am-1pm, and 8pm-11pm.

Be active, engage, and share your knowledge. You’d be surprised and how many people are listening.


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