Keepin’ it Fresh

14 Sep

Being fresh has nothing to do with age. Staying on top of things requires research and awareness. Anyone can become a guru on the next big thing. You just have to teach yourself.

The general thought is that the millennial generation knows the most about social media platforms, technology, trends, and anything new and fresh. The younger minds are more acquainted with the younger ideas and gadgets. They have new ideas and they’re inexperienced minds are able to bring about thoughts that haven’t been brought up before.

So how do older generations stay fresh and hip? That is up to the individual. You can read or do research, you can try something new, or surround yourself with the younger generation and see what they’re up to. I know plenty of people past their prime who stay fresh, young, and on top without letting age keep them stuck in the past.

Age has nothing to do with how fresh your ideas are. Keep yourself inspired by learning and experiencing. You can only inspire yourself; no one else can create that for you.


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