Type Truck comes to MKE

14 Sep

So the Movable Type Truck came to Milwaukee, thanks to Kate Strzok who owns Broadway Paper. Hearing about the truck through blogs, I was really excited it was making an appearance in Milwaukee.

The Type Truck is ran by Kyle, who owns Power and Light Press out of Portland, Oregon. She’s been on this excursion all summer and is planning on traveling for a year.

There’s no charge, just a tin out for donations for travel expenses. You walk right up to the truck, take a look at some of her work, and pull a print! This is an awesome way of educating and bringing awareness of letter press and how it works. Letter press is definitely prevalent in the design community, but to actually experience it is something special.

When I was there, the line wasn’t too long, but I hope more people came later. I think opportunities like this are often missed in Milwaukee, and maybe it’s just because we’re a small city or maybe the powers of social media are not that strong. If you missed the Type Truck this time, be sure to catch it next time it comes around.

If I had the money and opportunity to do something like the Movable Type Truck, I’d do it.

My Print! (It looks a lot better in real life)


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