Learning is Kerning

16 Sep

What is the future of education? I see more expensive college, more difficult classes in high school, and less funding for education.

One thing I learned from college, is that the teacher would push you, but you ultimately had to learn things on your own or from other classmates’ mistakes. School is all about mistakes. Making mistakes you learn from and try not to repeat. Or after creating a mistake, you know what not to do next time.

When in a learning environment, students should experiment as much as possible. By experimenting and trying new things they can discover what they really enjoy doing. You can’t force anyone to like anything or to have a specific style. If you stifle a student’s creativity and curiosity, they may never grow.

The teacher is there to guide the student, to be a reference and answer some of their questions. I think what many students don’t understand is that the teacher will never have all of the answers. If they did, they probably wouldn’t be teaching. Students need to learn from others besides their professor. The professor is there to keep you on track, push you, challenge you, and make sure you grow. Your classmates are there to encourage, critique, brainstorm, and connect with. Your classmates are often the people you will learn the most from. That’s the beauty of a school setting, there’s this network of a community where most people have similar interests yet all different skill sets. They all come from different places, different backgrounds, and that’s why it’s so great to take advantage of the resources right next to you.

That is one thing about school I regret. I was often too shy to ask a classmate for feedback or advice. I would just try to figure it out on my own, because I thought that’s what you were supposed to do.


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