Keep on keepin on

29 Sep

Self Doubt

You know how you doubt yourself so much, sometime you just want to give up?
I’m sure we’ve all been there, but what I’ve learned is that giving up doesn’t get you anywhere. Be persistent, and keep doing. If you stop, then that’s when you have failed.

We are all afraid of failing, but failing is just more motivation to do better the next time. There’s this amazing book designer, Irma Boom, who said that each of her books is a mistake, a mistake she looks to correct with the next book. If Irma’s books are a mistake, than some of my work must be huge fuck ups!

You always have to try to do better, and continue to create. If you’re stuck when someone gives you an assignment and you just don’t know what to do, than just make art for art’s sake. Being designers, we can often stray far away from our looser, artistic side. It’s good to go back to those roots and loosen up a little. Most of the time, creating art for selfish reasons can bring forth ideas for your client projects.

If you think you’re not good enough, than just get better. You only get better if you try and keep momentum. Practice makes perfect right!


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