A Designer’s Role

6 Oct

So what to do you think your role as a designer is? Is it to make type legible and beautiful? Is it to create layouts with photos and content into visually appealing and interesting information? Or is it to create a marketing strategy for your client using multiple platforms, but all with a cohesive brand?

It’s all of these things, but we also have a larger role that many of us may not realize. We are visual communicators. We ultimately portray the message our clients want to be heard. We are the medium through which information is filtered and viewed by the mass public. Don’t you  think we should do more than make information look nice?

Designers should be implementing their skills for the greater good of the community and think more about socially responsible solutions. Our clients won’t think of these things, unless we bring it up to them. Everyone wants to be green, or environmentally friendly because it’s the trend right now. But the movement should have more sustainability and long term benefits than recycling, or donating money to a charity.

We need to identify the issues, create solutions that benefit the community and our client, and in the long run engage consumers to connect with the brand. We need to collaborate with our fellow creatives and realize there is a bigger picture that we are missing by being close-minded designers that are too busy trying to make a buck than creating a better environment for everyone.

So think a little more about your role as a designer. The GOOD movement is upon us, but being stuck in the Midwest we are some of the last people to enact upon it. So let’s catch up and get to it!

How exactly do we go about doing this? First we need to look at examples of companies that are successfully implementing this strategy right now. Some of these examples are a little far fetched for small to medium sized companies, but we need to tailor this strategy for all businesses.

So think about it, what do you want your legacy to be? Selling socks or changing the world?


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