St. Vincent, come back to Milwaukee anytime

6 Oct

St. Vincent’s latest album “Mercy” was the soundtrack to my life for the past few weeks, so I couldn’t miss the opportunity of seeing her live.

The show was at the wonderful Pabst Theatre in Milwaukee, WI, a very intimate, and historical venue that promises great sound and an enjoyable crowd. Unfortunately, it was not a sold out show, as I bought tickets around 8:15.

Opening the main act was French signer, songwriter, Cate Le Bon, who has a voice similar to the lead singer of the Heartless Bastards. It was just her and her guitar, but she put on a very relaxing yet well played intro. Her lyrics were beautifully written and her charm was infectious.

St. Vincent adorned the stage with two keyboardists/special effects players, a drummer, herself, and her several guitars. At times I thought her guitar would tip her over as her frail figure switched guitars with speed and urgency.

“Cruel” was the first song played, a favorite from her new album which excited the crowd and began on a familiar note. Continuing the set, I almost thought she was going to play through the entire new album, which was great for those that thoroughly listened to it, like myself, but then she switched it up a bit halfway through. I could tell everything was very tight and close to the record, and then she began to loosen up a bit as the show went on.

The girl has some energy, yet it’s confident energy. Her guitar solo on “Surgeon” was for real, and gave me goose bumps. She would comment on a few songs, but not too much chatter with the audience.

Sometimes it felt as if the songs were cut short, but I think it’s because I wanted the song to continue because I was rockin’ out.

Seeing her play live was something that cannot be put on an album. Her voice and guitar solos really show off her talent and passion as an artist. She takes her work seriously, and her live performance made me more of an advocate for her music.

Overall, it was a great live show to attend. Her energy and talent is tremendous and probably unappreciated. This artist loves what she does, and has unique sound to bring to her own genre. Keep at it girl! You are an inspiration. Thanks for coming to Brew City.


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