Thanks to Facebook…

30 Oct

So over the exciting and creepy Halloween weekend, I had the pleasure of loosing my cell phone at a bar. Why did I set it down? I have no idea. But it was lost and I felt a little insecure for awhile. I gave my information to the bartender, called it several times, and decided I would find it the next day.

So no cell phone means no way to tell time, no contact to friends or family, and it was really weird to be disconnected like that. No one could get a hold of me; it was kind of freeing. I turned to the connective powers of the internet posting on Facebook and Twitter that I lost my phone. Unfortunately, I hadn’t set up the new iCloud feature and was unable to use the specific app that will locate your phone in case it’s lost or stolen. Duh.

A very nice stranger called my room mate’s phone and left a very detailed voice mail explaining how while he was looking around for his phone at the bar, he picked up my phone that was laying in a puddle of alcohol in a corner somewhere thinking it was his. He then went on to say that he heard from a friend that there was a “Kezra girl” who posted on Facebook that she lost her phone. He could see some of my info, like that I went to MIAD. He did the very smart and nice thing of leaving my phone at the MIAD security desk, safe and sound for me to pick up! What a good guy.

Thanks to Facebook, I was reconnected to the world and my phone. Now I’m not an advocate for Facebook, because I think some aspects of it are getting a little out of hand. But if you ever loose anything, it might be easier to find now.


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