Consumers Consuming Commodities

19 Nov

I’ve noticed lately I go through purging periods where I need to clear out my closet and cabinets because things are becoming cluttered and the feeling of cleansing helps me feel as if I’m straightening out my life somehow.

However, this purging is also responded by a paralleled spending period where I refill or restock items and buy new items I think I need, when really I have plenty of material items.

This consistent cycle of purging and accumulating is the circle of consumerism. I have plenty, and when I’m bored with what I have I get rid of it. Once I’m rid of a few items I have more room to accumulate more. Thus, I–a consumer–continue the wasteful cycle of purging and buying. Will it ever end?

Lately I’ve come to notice I have too many things. Too many things I don’t really need. I have approximately 8 pairs of pants, probably 30 shirts, 8 tank tops, countless pairs of underwear and socks, 15 pairs of shoes, 4 pairs of shorts, and 4 jackets. My cosmetic selection is also grossly obnoxious with 3 bronzers, 2 mascaras, 15 eye shadows, and 3 different face washes. Why do I have so much crap?

My parents recently went to Europe, and they were refreshed with the fact that people dressed well, yet didn’t seem to have 8 pairs of pants and 50 different shirts to choose from. What they did own was well made and stylish.

So my goal for the next year or so, is to dress how I want to dress, and not accumulate any more clothes with money. If anything, I should start selling the clothes I don’t wear often. This whole Americanized picture of how we should consume enormous quantities of every commodity available is not healthy. I’ll do my part by stopping right now. No more new clothes for a year. I’ll let you know how this goes.


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