Experience vs. Education

23 Nov

Experience is an interesting thing. It takes years to gain, it can be accumulated almost anywhere, and sometimes it even replaces education. But why such emphasis on experience? Isn’t it the same thing as education in a sense? It’s the education of life. And for those who have not lived, then they have very little experience.

Does the type of experience a person gains make them more or less valuable? If someone observes how a rural community gathers food and water, how will that experience relate to their professional life? Versus someone who goes to seminars relating to their career field, or listening to an expert give a lecture.

Either way, experience involves the “experiencer” to be active and to do something. Whether it be observing, reading, listening, they much have an active state of mind to further their knowledge base.

Life experience also helps shape a person’s professional resume. For example, my father is a well traveled man and understands that certain regions are more marketable for certain products than other regions. Working in the motorcycle industry for over a decade, he knows what those consumers want. So when a new product comes into the market, he’s somewhat of an expert on where this new product should and shouldn’t be marketed. He didn’t read this in a book, he lived life, worked hard, and gained some valuable knowledge along the way.


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