How do I use my gadgets?

26 Nov

When a friend of mine purchases a new piece of technology, I get genuinely excited for them, and also jealous that I don’t own it. Playing with their newly acquired gadget, I immediately want to know how to use it, the greatest features, and why I should buy it.

When both of you have the same gadget, there’s usually a “teach me what you know” impromptu lesson that occurs. Just the other day, my friend upgraded his iPhone and explained how Siri was the perfect girl and I showed him some of the new iOS features. We toyed with our gadgets for about 15 minutes, both learning more about them and their wide range of usability.

No one wants to read the manual. We are impatient beings that want to know how to use something immediately. Learning from someone who explains it easily or shows you how to use the feature is more effective and fun than reading a manual. We learn a lot from friends and co-workers. And if you don’t, well maybe you’re around the wrong people.

There should be an app for this user experience training. Product manuals are not always easily explained, and if you can’t operate your technology, than it’s almost useless.


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