Chroma Tweet by Aleksandar Maćašev

30 Nov

I had the opportunity to see  Aleksandar Maćašev’s project called Chroma Tweet. The artist tweets a hexadecimal color (web safe color) daily describing his mood for that day. The tweets are simple: just the code for the color and a picture of the color. The project has been going on since 2009 and through the DUMBO Arts Festival and ArtBridge Maćašev has been able to display his Chroma Tweets. Viewing it linearly, I saw trends of muted colors, bright colors, warm or cool colors and then some random pairings depending on the days. Viewing the tweets linearly changed the perception of Maćašev’s emotions and almost formed a weird connection to the artist. I wanted to know what happened that day he decided to tweet a muted brown color, or for several days of bright colors, why was he so cheerful?

But is how I view color universal? Does everyone see yellow as a happy color?

When seeing the art, I was with family that didn’t know what hexadecimal colors were. To me, I work with them daily so it didn’t even occur to me that people didn’t know what they were. How ignorant of me.


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