Gallery social gathering

27 Dec

I enjoy seeing art, and what new artists are creating. It’s inspiring, motivating, and often educational. However, I’ve noticed lately that one of the main draws to an art exhibit, especially a local gallery, is not the art, but the social aspect of it. Most people in the art community enjoy coming to openings because they get to see friends or acquaintances and talk about art for a bit, but then talk about life and everything important that they are doing. Maybe this is a Milwaukee thing, because our art community is fairly tight knit and small. Agreed?

The focus on the art is taken away as the opening becomes a social event for most visitors. I didn’t eavesdrop on conversations, but I assumed only about 3 people out of the 40 that were at the gallery were actually discussing the concept and execution of the artwork on display.

This is perfectly fine, and great because people are coming to the gallery and supporting the art by being there. But it would be awesome if the art were appreciated a bit more. Maybe by incorporating some type of social media to the exhibit. Having a hash tag dedicated to the event, encouraging people to post comments and pictures of their favorite pieces.

Make the gathering more social and in turn making the art more public. By publicly praising the artwork online, this could benefit the following of both the artist and the gallery.

I’m sure many artists would be opposed to this type of exploitation of their work, but imagine the benefits! More people will be aware of your artwork, increasing your following and increasing your presence as an artist. I understand if some artists will not and can not partake in the social media extravaganza, but it is the new way of the world. Either embrace it or forget it.


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