Art – Milwaukee Style

27 Jan

Four times a year, galleries, artists and various venues participate in a Gallery Night event. It’s a time to celebrate local artists and galleries in Milwaukee in hopes to keep the art community vivid and active. Ideally, one could walk from place to place and admire the art, but because Milwaukee is so spread out, onlookers should probably drive or bus around the city to see the art.

I’ve only truly attended 2 gallery nights since I’ve lived in Milwaukee. This is pathetic as I have lived here for several years and have never taken advantage of the great opportunity to look at art and learn something, and possibly meet new people. Going to an art school, one might think I would’ve taken advantage of seeing tons of art all in one night.

I have to say, the January Gallery Night is not the most fun to attend as the weather is frigid and winter in Wisconsin is not always pleasant, but for some reason I’ve attended in January the past two years.

This year, I stumbled upon an artist I knew or at least met. Kim Weiss displayed her beautiful print and wood pieces along with Erin Paisley’s intricate watercolor and ink drawings at Hot Pop. It was a harmonious juxtaposition displaying the works on opposite walls. Weiss runs the print studio at Redline Milwaukee.

Weiss composed her mandala-esque pieces beautifully, exposing the wood grain to give a more dense and rustic feel to the piece. The prints were relief stylized in a way that made them look rustic, keeping in theme with the wooden surface and color scheme.

Kim Weiss

Kim Weiss

Erin Paisley

I need to open my eyes and explore where I am right now. I often feel un-inspired by this city, and have become impatient with it’s pace. What I need to do is find the inspiration instead of waiting for it to find me. Milwaukee has many gems, it’s just a matter of uncovering them, and not having expectations. There are so many talented artists and people in this city, I just have to find them and make friends!


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