4 Mar

We as human’s observe life all the time. Observation is an act we do often subconsciously.

Are there different levels of the depth of one’s observations? (side note, I’ve noticed that with many things I’ve been writing or thinking about lately, there always seems to be different levels involved, like a scale or rating system that could be given to the subject. Everything can be scaled or rated, but measuring this may not always be objective.) Making blatant, obvious observations would be the simplest form or level of observing. Studying a subject, and spending time with it will give a deeper sense of observation. But is observation just observing the subject or object for what it is? Or does it also involve some thought and interpretation? Does context play a role in this act of observation?

I think that observation is the beginning to a deeper thought or more intense level of understanding of the thing being observed. The observation is the base, without it there would be nothing to go forward with. Without the observation, there is no purpose to move forward. For example, I can observe that a user is frustrated by the usability of his mobile phone. This observation may lead me to ask why he is frustrated and then to go on and fix the problem. Without this follow-up action, the observation is just an noticing the obvious and nothing more.

For levels of observation, there are variances as people observe or notice different things. When looking at a print, my sister saw a snowman laying on his side, as if defeated or even dead. I saw three black dots on a subtlety printed white background that was printed on paper. I questioned the technique used, lithography or intaglio? We both observed different things because our brains are different.

Creatives are said to have somewhat of a hyper vigilant mind, as we may notice things about a room or piece of art that the normal, everyday person may not see. When the eye is trained to observe on a detailed level, sometimes we cannot get past that level of observation, hindering our opportunity to see the most basic level of the object or subject.

Creative people are a strange breed. We are the insomniacs, the eccentrics, the eclectics, the cooky people. Our alertness to the world around us is what fuels the need to create and make.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s a curse to be a creative individual. My alertness and attention to detail can distract me from the larger picture. My observations of life and people may be skewed by my thought process and constant story-playing that goes on in my head. It’s this way of thinking that places myself into “movie” like timelines. Over analyzing situations and noticing minute details, which keeps me from partaking in the more basic conversation at hand. These distracting habits force me to isolate myself and mind, allowing me to fully think and observe the world around me.

Every once in a while, when a good observation brings forth a great idea, create. The act of making something allows us to explore and experiment. The act of making is necessary if we want to go any further in life. Don’t think, just do.



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