Sharing is Caring, or is it?

15 Mar

Why do we feel the need to share our work? Are we fishing for compliments? Narcissistic? If we are passionate about something, chances are we want to share it with others too, as if we are spreading joy. It also opens ourselves up; sharing something that we are passionate about gives our friends and others a better idea of what kind of person we are.

We share what we love with the people that we love. Not to be praised (unless you need the ego stroke), but to spread the excitement and enthusiasm about things.

With the internet, we can share things easily with one click. The tech-savvy generations have fully grasped this and are in the habit of sharing everything online. We share what we eat, what we are doing at any given moment, the stupid or enlightening fortune we got in our cookie, and my favorite, cute pictures of our pets. Yes, sometimes the content we share online is not always high in value, but these things we share keep us human and help show others that we are normal people that like to eat and dress up our pets.

Online profile transparency is something that I have been thinking about a lot lately. Users can be very transparent online, posting personal encounters or situations, or users can be selective in what they post. Or, users can create an alter ego of sorts. Creating an online profile that may be what they want to be in real life, but having the barrier of a computer screen makes it less scary to be that alternate personality.

But, if you do create a fake or less real persona of yourself online, what does that say to your viewers?


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