Floaters and Swimmers

29 Mar

Today I realized who moves forward and who gets left behind.

Swimmers move forward. They possess ambition and tenacity to continually challenge themselves, as they bore easily, and need variety to keep their senses alert. Variety keeps their interest, and new challenges keep them on their toes. Swimmers are the people knowledgeable on many different, maybe somewhat random topics, and are interesting in conversation.

If a swimmer is unfulfilled, they realize they need to change something. Otherwise their constant strokes will come to a halt, resulting in feelings of frustration, depression, and lack of self worth.

The challenge is exciting, fulfilling, frustrating, tiring, and complex. The process of finding a great solution or conceiving an awesome concept is what these poolbabies thrive on. It’s this race that fulfills their hungry spirit.

Floaters; in the stagnant, frothy, moldy pond become content and complacent with their accomplishments. They have reached their plateau, and plan on bobbing for awhile. The idea of being challenged drowns them.

The motivation to move forward, and learn new things exists, but it’s not as evident as the swimmers. There may be some movement, a few bubbles, but the motivation for quick and stealthy advancement is not there. They’ve struggled in life before, and things are pretty good, so they do not see the point in jumping ship for something better.

Their lack of challenge brings them into a steady routine of work, hobby, social life, relaxation. The idea of change is scary, as change may bring forth sacrifice or be difficult to acclimate to. They live a simple life.

Their resistance to change exploits their stubbornness and lack of keeping up with the times. Their style and taste tends to be aged and out of date.

The world is full of swimmers and floaters. We must have both, to create a sense of balance, as not everyone can continually advance in life. There must be bottom feeders; for that position is also an important part of the habitat. We can’t all be gold medal winners.

I’d like to think of myself as a swimmer. I’ve noticed my life has reached a plateau and I am very unsatisfied. I work, I socialize, I hobby, and I relax.

Being young, I do not understand or comprehend how long and how much work it will take to swim upstream ahead of the heat, but I am ready for the challenge and hope that it comes soon, as this plateau is becoming foggy, unclear, and still.


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