Random thoughts…

1 May
Organization is a key step in the beginning of the process. Organizing all of the information once it is gathered helps to notice patterns and maybe even inconsistencies in the information. Taking the time to organize and re-evaluate the information will make the process smoother down the road, leading to a cleaner and clearer execution.

I think younger designers tend to rush into the design process, they collect the necessities, and then jump into the design phase. Designers solve problems, so how can the problem be solved if it is not properly identified? Young designers don’t have the knowledge or experience to understand that it’s important to do more preparation. Being thorough in the beginning of the creative process will to find a strong, solid concept to back up the ideas and purpose behind the design.

In my own education, sketching and research was encouraged, but sometimes I wish there was more dialogue about it. Like, posting our sketches and research online and then having a discussion about them. Or simply more brainstorming sessions, as usually the beginning of a good idea will come out of these interactions with others. Designers have to learn to work with each other, as one designer can not stand alone.

Taking risks, and putting yourself out there is more rewarding than the anxiety and fear of embarrassment. I have to say, I’ve never regretted not putting myself out there and taking a chance. I may fail, but I look back and see how I’ve either learned from that failure, or I’ve looked back and laughed at how naive I was.


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