7 May

Happiness Is Not a Destination.

Happiness, or the state of being happy, is not a finality of a life. Happiness comes and goes with events in life. Happiness may be brought upon by people, events, music, food, accomplishments, or anything else one may encounter in a life.

The state of being happy is different for everyone, and is a very subjective feeling to discuss. Overall, the feeling of being happy is good. How easily it is for everyone to feel happiness may vary, as well as the level of happiness that they feel.

The journey to happiness is evolving, but never ending. We seek for happiness in commodities, material items, love, lust, relationships, praise, wealth; whatever it may be. There usually seems to be a thing or person associate with our happiness. Can one be truly elated without needing to share it with someone? Can one be isolated, naked, without material things and completely happy? I’m sure, maybe if you are floating in a beautiful ocean among friendly sea creatures and the sun is shining on your face. But this scenario sounds more like a utopian fantasy than a real life event.

Is this the meaning of life then? The meaning of life is to find happiness. That’s what we’re here for right? Maybe, but once we find our happiness, it may be gone the next day or even the next minute. We are always affected by our situations and surroundings, and they can change our mood.

If happiness is a state of mind, then why do our external surroundings affect our state of happiness so much? Most of us, unless we are zen masters, feel happy because something happened. There was an event or an interaction that brought forth the feeling of happiness. I have to say, there are very rare occasions where I wake up feeling happy, but even then, there is an outside reason for that happiness. I woke up early and on time, I could smell coffee, or the sun was shining and bringing in bright light for me to wake up to.

To become happy purely on internal thoughts, one must clear their mind, and then think about something that will make them happy. Then doesn’t this solution just bring us back to the idea that external things give us happiness? That’s probably a stretch, but the mental state of happiness takes effort to reach when isolating the mind. Positive thoughts will bring us peace and closer to the state of happiness.

Thinking of happiness as an end goal will lead to disappointment, over and over again. By creating this “finish line” we will only reach that line, and then realize that our happiness cannot be sustained by that line. We will start running towards the next thing that will bring us happiness. And once we reach that line, we will start running towards the next.

Happiness should not be a destination, but a state of mind. By bringing positive thoughts into our thought process, we will be more pleasant and joyous. Happiness will come and go, but don’t ever lose sight of how it feels to be happy.

Life is a continuous series of events. So baske and enjoy the good times, and learn from the bad times, because next time they won’t seem so bad. 


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