Organize, simplify, communicate

21 May

I’ve had too many instances with clients where they expect us to populate their website with content, and they send us a jumbled folder of pictures and images with no specific titling sequence, and they expect us to organize everything and know what’s what!!!! If they’re paying us by the hour, this is a waste of time and money on their part. Understanding this aspect early on in a design relationship is important. Another thing is when they give us bits and pieces of content in 6 emails instead of sending it all at once, or figuring out some type of cloud sharing system. If we get most of the content at once, the chances of the designer missing something are less and less.

So clients working with designers, here’s a few tips to make things go a little smoother:

  1. Organize your content, thoroughly.
  2. Send content in one clean shot if possible.
  3. Respect the designers opinion and input; they know best (it’s their job).
  4. Make sure the communication is clear; find the best way to communicate with your designer.

I’ve also realized that giving a client different options is not always a good thing. Maybe for the first round of concepts, but after that there should only be minor tweaks to the rest of the concepts. If the client can’t trust that our opinion is the best, as we design things for a living, then we are doing something wrong.

In my professional career I would like the be the type of designer that does the research and footwork before presenting to the client one final concept. The internal critique process should be thorough so that the concept presented has purpose; making it easier to convince the client it’s the right choice.

Organized content and clear communication keeps the design process simple and effective.


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