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I want, you want, we want

19 Jun

When going to malls, I always feel this weird sense of guilt. Guilty for spending money that could go towards much more useful things other than clothes, knowing that my closet is full and I really don’t need anything. Yet, I still feel as if I must stay on top of the status quo or get left behind in the dust with everyone laughing at me.

I also get a little disgusted at malls, as I see the thousands of products we sell in America. Most of it is probably made overseas. Americans have the urge to constantly buy more, upgrade, or partake in the latest fashion fad. I’m sure this is true in other cultures, but to the same extent and obsession as Americans?

The other day I took a trip to Target to get some necessary items. I stood in the paper towel aisle, overwhelmed at the amount of paper towel and different brands available. The shelves literally towered over me, as if encouraging me to buy a lot of paper towel, because a lot of paper towel was available. It was strange, that I actually noticed the massiveness and excessive nature of the paper towel aisle. Who’s buying 25 rolls of paper towel at a time? Aren’t people trying to go green? I’m sure most people don’t notice these things, as they have become part to of the norm. But that particular day, I was very aware of the massiveness of American consumerism. We do many unnecessary things. We buy many unnecessary things.

Grandma’s House

18 Jun

Visiting my grandma last weekend; I took a few pics, poked around in her attic, ate lots of unhealthy food, and took naps. She’s 91 and she still drives.

Eggs & Life

17 Jun

This is just for fun. One day I went home to visit my parents, and my dad showed me how they eat hard boiled eggs in Europe and then we talked about life. Happy Father’s Day. I hope you like. (Click on picture to animate gif)


14 Jun

Another day, another dollar, another way to play.

It ain’t so scary

13 Jun

Social media should  not be overwhelming or a daunting task that you leave in the hands of the PR or marketing department. Do not be intimidated by the rapid growth and trendiness of social media networks. Anyone can utilize social tools to grow their brand and/or persona and create a strong network. A little time, personality, content, and engagement will help you to meet your networking goals.

We can’t change what people like, but if you project interesting information, chances are there a few hundred or even thousand people that will like it. Knowing your audience and knowing what they like will help you create content that they want to share, retweet, favorite, digg, and pin. By sharing valuable information for free, you will create a loyal following, and in turn they will support and maybe even promote the service, product or brand you are socializing behind. By giving something valuable away for free, it creates trust with your user base, so that when you are promoting your product or service, it’s more genuine, and less salesman. Be a real person first, and engage with your audience, and then push your services.

People want to connect with other people. We are social beings that naturally long to be in a group than isolated. And today, with so many social networks, almost everyone is in an online group. It’s easier to reach a broad audience today, and if you create valuable content, then people will listen.